Nowadays, it is not rare for a company to outsource its Information technology (IT) solutions to a specialized IT consultant. The company which employs me do just the same too, outsourcing its IT solutions. But, as I have said in my previous entry, ” Bad Busines Behaviour”, my company is plagued by the “apparent greed” of its owner. The IT consultant is a new company, built by and under the name of the broker built by the owner of my employer’s company.

And It’s a crap of an arrogant, underperforming IT consultant. Not to mention that its entry into providing services is an abrupt one : my company has agreed to eradicate IT totally from its structure, and put all IT matters to the fledgling company. And It’s a crap of an arrogant, underperforming IT consultant. Already my fellow youngsters have felt antipathy for the company and sympathy for my fellow IT engineers for being threatened to be fired due to the presence of the new company.

It’s a crappy underperforming company. Have I said it already?

Take an example : mail server.

My company has a mail server already, but somehow the IT provider has convinced the management to hand-over the mail server to the company. And the move to the new server is a crappy one. Not all mails can be accessed smoothly after the new server is already up and running. I myself suffers from the servers inability to communicate (the mails that come into the old server suppose to be forwarded to the new server, but the protocols are all jumbled) for about half a day. Not to mention that MS Outlook has become prone to crash after the implementation of the new server.

Not too mention that their supposed to be IT engineers are a bunch of idiotic, stuck up bitch-drones. God, it took 4 of these drones to fix what’s wrong with my e-mail…and it’s not fixed already !!!

Outsourcing is a nice idea for a petroleum company because the company can concentrate more on its core business. But handing it over to crap companies? It’s more like we the engineers, geologists, geophycists, and field crews are being forced to make money for them…

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  1. just happened to surf here. leaving a comment :)not surprised. my ex-boss..di IT department..nggak ngerti ISP itu apa. So I quit. company punya communication system based on IBM server…terus yg di IT…mereka pake old program yg not backward engineered…can’t remember the name cause it’s already obsolete. Tiap department pake system version nya lain lain gitu. Terus aku bikin web based system…and the ex-boss asked…is this based on IE… *twitch* had to restrain myself from saying…uh…duh.. it’s web based..and you can use any browser. that freakin lady is gone now. she left after i quit. terus salah satu orang IT telpon…balik dong… Hell no.. not going back there.

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