Great Adventures Await !!

Morrowind and Gothic I & II. These three are the RPGs of my life. Now their sequels are on the built, I have reasons to get all extatic about RPGs again.

Yes, Morrowind Fans, Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion is on the way. And for you, hardcore fans, try to save some money before, cause Oblivion will be a very beautiful looking game !! So why the money you ask? Well, simple : Beautiful Graphics = Powerful Graphic Processing Capability = MUCH MONEY FLUSHED !!

And yes, Gothic fans ! Your all time consuming, long wandering, life-wasting games have a sequel !! Gothic III is on the build, and it looks like a major graphic demander too !!

Lets just hope, for you fans of each of them, that the sequels brings much excitement for us, again

Oh the thrill of waiting !!

note : I have been wondering, why the hell those Indonesian software CDs stores still don’t have “Beyond Divinity”, the sequel to “Divine Divinity” ?


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