Blog Rocket people turn out to be a bunch of smart people. They added a “Blog Rocket”, a whole new system for its members to promote their blogs and to achieve the “Mystery Credits” that their members (yours truly included) love so much.

The system is like this : Member put their blog on the list, elligible by surfing one other blog through blogexplosion members area. And then, as people see the list, they’ll try to read all of them at once, hoping that they’ll get Mysterious Credits.

More people will read the blog listed there.

But People will also put their blogs on the list, so the one who got posted earlier will be pushed toward the upper part of the list, and will be “Blasted Off” the list soon, if there are more people put their blog on the list. When blasted off, an e-mail will be sent to inform the owners of the blasted lblogs to re-add their blogs to the list.

SO, people will visit blogexplosion members area often, and will surf often.


1 comment
  1. Anne said:

    I’m really enjoying “rocketing” myself. I’ve found many blogs that I’ve never seen before!

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