Pictures of A Field Journey : June 2005

These are pictures I took with my Canon Powershot A95 when I did some field job in Malacca Strait Oil Fields. Click to see larger and better looking images

This is the wing of the plane I took when I went there. it has been a fact that I got wing-view seats during my trips to the field.

The boat I took that will bring me from mainland Sumatra to its smaller Padang Island. It is called Kurau Express.

My room located on the company’s accomodations for standing by crews. You can see my senior took a Sholat (Prayer) in the corner.

Just outside my room

The fountain in front of the main office complex

The road that leads to the two main oil fields of my company : Kurau and Melibur

Men working on a Hydraulic Workover Unit, silhoutted against a bright sky. The unit, rig if you prefer, snubbing we use to call, is the one used to disassembly, repair, and do things to a well. This unit was working on a gas well.

Monkeys. There a lot of them in the fields. Trekking through the field felt like a safari, enjoying mix of indigenous people, local animals, and metals structures that live in apparent harmony.

The majestic pictures of nature’s beauty.

And finally, CLOUDS !! Perfect Mix of Blue and White and Beauty of Randomness..


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