The Rise and Fall of Indonesia

Indonesia proclaimed its independence in August 17th, 1945. And like Nietzsche once said, it has been dying since its birth.

Few people proclaimed that what was occupied by Dutch in south eastern part of Asia and later controlled by the Japanese is what is called Indonesia. Soekarno and Hatta were two prominent leaders who, despite the contrast of leadership style between the two, united the people of the occupied islands to strive for independence.

They united, and they gained Independence. Amidst the assault from Japanese, Dutch, and Allies, Indonesia embraced her Independence close to heart and inspired her children to keep it present, intact, and everlasting. The children fought, shoulder to shoulder, protecting each other, one by one sacrificing themselves, one by one built the foundation on which Indonesia could hold ground.

And finally, they gained Independence. The World accepted them. The Children smiled, relieved, liberated.

But the world then split into two. One the Allies and its capitalizing of the non-realities tainted wealth system, one the Soviet and its capitalizing of its hyperbolic sense of equalizer. The children of Indonesia, however, were split to thousands.

Thus began the everlasting infections that will plague Indonesia for eternity : self-fullfilling strive of its influential children, liars and deceivers who has been selling her grace to children of others, agents of other nations that seek to rob, and cowardice that set itself on the back of slave minded children.

Soekarno strived to make the children united and free from the influences of both splits of The World. He did his best, but the children clinged to much to him. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Soekarno was corrupted, his soul can’t hold his ideal real, his mind was cloudy, and his actions become superficial lies to cover his failings. Indonesia wept, her grace was about to be tainted. Soekarno had chosen the Soviet minded children among her others cause he feared that the Allies had become influential each day, and he can’t stood with other still weak babies. He needed strong ally, and he had chosen.

The children got confused. They saw instability. They saw inconsistency. They saw cracks. And soon their cowardice dominated. They let liers and deceivers grow free. They let themselves be torn by smaller, self-fulfilling leaders. Amidst the forcing of the communism into Indonesia’s bloodstream in the waning days of Soekarno, the Allies seduced her children, among them the liars, deceivers, and robbers. By contesting the communism and Indonesia’s immunity system, the Allies began the everlasting overtaking of Indonesia’s honour.

So rise Soeharto: liar, deceiver, agent of the occupation and perfect mix of intelligence and deceit. Capitalizing on the turnmoil caused by the overtaking, he rose as unifier, as man with legal mandate, as man who brings helps from others, as man who entrusted others to manage the help.

The helps turned into the claws that ripped. The claws then turned into parasitic seeds. The seeds turned into evil trees. The trees sucked Indonesia’s grace, rooted into legal wrongdoings, fertilized by ignorance and cowardize, and grows out of control.

Indonesia looks like its was rising again, looked growing and healthy outside, but inside its failing each day. Inside it was seggregated The desecrated children was taking further down into the abyss day by day, unable to speak about their seggregation, unable to speak about the injustice, unable to speak that they were crippled, unable to point that their guardians were their robbers, unable to do anything, cause they were self-serving cowards themselves. The boot licking children were taken into the height, ropes tied into their necks as they were fed with wealth and fulfilling glory

They let Indonesia wept long, lonely in silence, stripped of her honor, naked, like prostitute : taste of shame in tongue of others who took her to bed each night.

And that others raped her hard recently. They stripped Soeharto off its power, thus they let the children lose of his rope of obedience, making Indonesia a deserted mother waiting to be raped again, this time more sadistic.

Among the seggregated children, both from the desecrated and the boot-licking, rose those who sought to lead. Scions of Soekarno, Preachers, Man of arms. And like bricks of a once powerful but then crumbled wall, they are small, cracked, and weak.

Amidst these, the others who lent help that turned into evil trees act again, lending hand to them, but not to guide, but to take hold of them like a grandmaster would do a chess pawns. And they moved in a board staged by the others.

In shor time, Indonesia have short lasting leaders. The scientist fall, thus fall Indonesia’s grace in science. The Preacher fall, thus fall Indonesia’s grace in religion. The Scion of Soekarno fell, thus fall the honor of her proclaimers. And now the Man of Arms rose, promising he would do things better, but already he is surrounded by debts, dragged around by needs, hand guided by the others, and blinded by the men of words. God warned him that he has power by flooding his doorsteps, burning his gardens, and making his children, neglected children, suffers more. But still he took silence as gold, and still he left his children to visit the evil, to be tainted furthermore.

Instead of taking hold of Indonesia’s treasure, he gives them to others.

Instead of cutting ropes of others, he strengthen their knots.

Instead of being honest and straightforward, he uses spinsters words.

Already he showed his befallen, taking route the way Soeharto controlled the Mother : letting her children fight each other, sought to seek benefits from the natural selections, and submitted himself at the feet of others who lent their hands.

And what did the children do?

The desecrated once breathe harder than before, even from the time they were under The Dictator and The Agent. Their lives spiralling further downward. Their self-fulfilling natures took control, putting them in contention that masks them from the needs of other children. They are tainted, corrupted, tortured, tied, and , already begin to look like dirt on the floor, need to be swept into under the carpet everytime any guests come visiting.

The boot lickers turn into bloathed rats, eating any healthy part of Mother that left, and try to feed into each others if they can, and in turn be fed into the hands that seeks to control.

But among these dirts and rats, rose those smaller anomalies. Those who seek to enlighten themselves and others, children that rise like phoenix from ashes would, children that seeks to discard their rat skins and turned humans. They gathered, they enlighten each others, they lick each other’s wound. They stored collectively whatever hopes they have, paving ways into realizing dreams of healing The Mother by healing themselves first. Challenging the corrupting system that encroaches them and seeks to eat parts of them back into it. In these children, Mother cling her hand, hoping that they keep themselves clean, hoping that their senses will not become dull, hoping that they will grow their numbers, hoping that these small pecks of light will not dim out and be eaten back into darkness by the system.

In these, Mother seeks help to return her glory. To cleanse her, and to bring her back to honors.

Will the children fulfill? God knows.


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