Biting News of The Day : June 28th, 2005

It overwhelming, what potential power the current China has, as none other thatThe Inquirer has decided to spin a rumor about a microsoft takeover told by bloomberg. Now that nVidia is standing tall undisturbed with its GeForce 7800 GT, ATi will be what nVidia was : striving to overcome its own weight. But with its support of RDH, its a good catch that ATi will be catching up.

Supreme Court of America has sided with the money, saying that P2P is illegal, and decided to defend the rights of the industry, not consumers

Something is stirring in Iran, as some is asking about the legitimacy of the result of the latest election, they are lashing out on the clerics, and of course, inviting the global issue spinsters to have the standard mocking of less democraticity.

Silence is the stiched, in Pakistan.

Shark Tale is here for real

And yes, people are still put to death in Iraq. And yes, Americans, you are paying those killings.


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