I have been growing up. It has been being revealed to me that the more you grow up, the more you touch people, the more you’ll understand that many things are not what they seems. One honest smile can mean knives in your back, one sadistic comment can be your saving.

I believe that pieces of oneself are in the hands of other.

We must go into the world and collect those pieces, in order to find what we really are, to complete ourselves . But like all of us will know, we must be careful stepping into the world, as our senses will be flooded with informations that if we can’t filter, sort, implement, and learn from, we’ll be subjugated by whatever reality shaped in our minds by those informations.

Reality shaped in our minds, grown from our acceptances of what our senses feed us, tend to be more and more misleading nowadays.

Sometimes, I feel, we will stop growing when we have fixed our mindset of reality and be content with it.


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