Adding Fuel to The Bomb

Blogexplosion is hot, its ways to make fun experiences travelling from blog to blog are cool. But there is something that’s been disturbing me : its 30 seconds rule.

It is a good way to rack plenty amoung of credits..but after awhile, there’s something not right : you get the same amount of credit no matter how long you spend your time on a blog.

I think it is better if Blogexplosion do its credit system based on how long someone visits a blog. And it will be better if Blogexplosion gives way for blogexploder to give some point to a blog. The valued blogs then get charted. The higher points they get, they higher they are in the chart. The combinations of these , I think, are some kind of chain reactions : People will stay at a site longer to read it longer, and the longer they are reading a blog, it will be more possible for them give higher value to a blog or simply gets more from a blog than mere 30 seconds. Blogs that have more value will be known more, so that bloggers will try to be more attractive as possible, to make people feel worth it to get more credits by reading blogs longer.

And..that’s it. What do you think?

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  1. I just got here through BlogExplosion and I do think it is a cool thing to do while I have my first morning wakeup coffee…randomly see what people are posting about..I haven’t gotten anyone linking to me directly from it yet, but maybe I have to be dedicated for a few months or this?

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