Biting News of The Day : June 29th, 2005

Microsoft is targeting Google seems like old news recycled, but it’s there, right after their boss said his belief, but Google is already moving forward to something else

In other news about rivalry, small-timer AMD is showing some legal teeth to big timer intel, accusing them of forcefully pulling customers with their bigger hands.

The future is being made in france, as they host the world’s first nuclear fusion plant

And while France is thinking big, India is thingking small, small priced pc that is.

Still about size, research says that the cost for obesity is getting more and more…fat

And a potential threat to humanity seems to look like human itself…

It will be seen whether the increasing demand for withdrawal and the decreasing support will make dubya more idiot than before, perhaps he saw that harsh reaction as cheers for him to ignore world’s rejection and saying that the increasing body count is vital.

And bloggers, do like these people do


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