Biting News of The Day and Heavy Rain and Crashing Trains : June 30th, 2005

Heavy Rain and Crashing Trains

Sometime around 16.30 p.m today. As I waited in the bus stop, I thought that nothing wrong will happen, today would be just another day. And as I stepped into the bus, the feeling was the same : just another office day. It was the start of a heavy rain that made me thinking : Well, this won’t be just another day, heavy rain is pouring, and I have to think where should I drop by to avoid getting all wet. That was it, nothing else.

But when I decided to switch bus and hopping into another waiting bus, the day started to turn different in a big way. One, for a starter, there are continous wailing of sirenes past me by. 5 or more ambulances, 2 firetrucks, and 2 fire officer jeeps made their way through the dense rain as I watched through flowing water covered stained window of a third world public bus.

Something had happened..and it happened close to home..or even could happened at my home. I tried to conceal my panic, and it was not easy.but I managed somehow.


Then, people who braced the punishing rain began to gather inside the waiting bus. Talks began to fly. Talks about things that had collided. Amidst the sound of rain hitting the earth, the noise of traffics, and the wailing of the sirenes, I began gathering pieces of the talks that fit in a puzzle. Talks by talks, pieces by pieces, I was finally able to finish the puzzle.

A train had stopped in front of a railway crossing, and another train hit it in the back. Casualties were plenty. Traffics were being messed up. We’ll have to take another route.

It turned that the end of my day was not so “normal” after all. I was inside a bus I would normally won’t take (I walk almost every after office to home instead of taking the bus), I had a very wet afternoon, I was in a very tense situation of people talking about crashing trains, and I was taken to a route I have never taken for the past 4 or 5 years.

A train accidents, right around my neighbourhood. Newsmaking event in approximity of my home. Never had it since a Hercules-class transport plane crashed in proximity around the early 90’s.

And still, it’s not enough to make me feel something new has just happened. It’s not big enough to be felt as a new flavor. Something is brewing inside me..and it’s adaptation to static life.

That’s not good.

Crashing trains are not good things indeed.

And NOW! For you who missed what happened on other parts of the world, read on!!

Biting News of The Day

People said that AMD is frustated for not having larger market share despites their innovations, and now that intel is playing the game, the future of innovations is at stake, not to mention that fanboys begins to wage war as AMD began to take a long walk of fighting. Well, the future of freedom of using self-bought properties is already tainted

Sir Bill had a say over USA and Japan trend on outsourcing things.

Something was amiss when dubya said this, He preferred to have sacrificing more of his motherland’s children for the wellfare of other nation. It smells so oily when dubya said that.

A child will
forever be jailed cause he admitted killing his parents. Experts said he was born psycho.

Remember Darfur? International Court of Justice was late when they said they discover some crimes in there, and speaking about crimes, it seems pirates have no limits on what they plunder.

And something wonderful happens under the sea, children don’t sleep since their birth till later.

And yes people, don’t believe what media told you, and don’t believe what PR spinsters tell you.


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