Return to The Pool Tables and Biting News of The Day : July 1st, 2005

Return to The Pool Tables

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usWell, I played pool again today. I am an amateur, to be exact. I usually don’t wanna play this one. But curiosity bested me. So, I played. As Expected, I got beaten by my friends, not to mention the fact that I was so clumsy and full of inconfidence, my inexperience showed.

I decided to go “so what?” and do the watching and learning by doing. I then able to push balls into the pockets, but I was so bad that all that inserted balls were there by accidents. Some balls who were right there at the mouths of the pockets seems to be reluctant to come in when I targetted them. I just couldn’t get the targetting feeling right.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAfter couple of games and all at lost, I decided to stop and watched around, taking pictures. While doing it, I noticed that the girls who tended all the table mending and customers servings are very short ones. Height around 145-155 cm (that roughly around 5 feet), they look like little girl when in fact they are all grown up ladies around their twenties. Well, they have the right height to mend the table, with their heights not too different from the tables height.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usIt is interesting sights to see those little creatures wheeling about the crowded pool tables, fixing balls positions, taking customers foods and beverages, and do other things that fit the need of their customers.I don’t know how far will they go to “fullfill the the needs”, but so far I have seen gossips about girls come perhaps these petite women will go far as money long as money is concerned.

And coming home, I have the urge that I need to learn more about pool tables and the way sticks are used to haul balls inside the pockets. My instinct to learn more kicked in. Well, maybe in two weeks I’ll do it again.

And coming home, these are the news that I read.

Biting News of The Day

I thought Italians are a supporter of US invasion, but they did ask for this nonetheless, althought their government denied it

Acid is not good for lifeforms, but when the are considered threatening the bottom parts of the the food chain, we must consider more to what we do everyday.

US Feds increased their interest rate. Something is brewing for sure.

Peace will be in music, in Live 8 concert that is coming

Now this is interesting, German Head is stripping his own power

AMD vs intel is staging in Japan and AMD is making advancing move, and microsoft has an advice for that.

Beyond what they have done so far, Google is prepared shed some skin as it grows some more as it’s waging war in the searching world

You are road warriors, and you need to see this advice

The Phillies had lost their Chief in Faith, will they lose their Chief of Government?

Sodom is on the rise in spain

Something strange happened as google is sued by the robbers

It seems ATi is being predicted of going underdog again

And that’s all folks…and oh yeah, they are still slaughtering children in Africa and dubya has done nothing patriotic about it.


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