A Thinker Shared Spot of Stories of Living Ver. 2.7

Today I messed up a lot with this blog. The results is this one you are seeing right now. All Blue and White Blog.

I have enlarged both the main content and the sidebar.

The sidebar is almost doubled. With it now less amazon.com advertorials and added photo gallery. From now on, every photos that have been displayed in the main content are displayed there. All photos that will be displayed in the main content will be displayed in the sidebar also. So expect a lot of them in the future, waiting there to be seen.

At the bottom of the main content is a puny comic pages gallery. I decided that maintaining two blogs is too time consuming and too distracting. I also decide to display thumbnails only, since there are people (sorry fellow blogexploder, i.e dinerdar) who complained that my lates photo galore froze their computers. It will be faster for people to reach the sidebar and bottombar, so that they can see my blog completely, being not slowed by the

Version 2.8 will have the header of the blog changed completely with blog title, blog description, rss link, blogsoldier link, and blogexplosion link arranged in tables. Blog Title will be a picture composed of elements of my life with the title as image alternative text . Blog description will be arranged together with the links.

With luck and inspiration, I will be able to move to version 3.0 with 2 sidebars, so I can put comic gallery and the ads in one sidebar, and my profile, my previous post titles, my archives, and my photo galleries in other sidebar.

With greater luck, I will be able to put paypal link on how you can donate to me after enjoying either the photo gallery or comic gallery and feel like honoring me 😀 (paypal is not registering Indonesian people living in Indonesia…so I’m out of luck now).

And with greatest luck, I will be able to maintain this blog as long as I live. This has become an important element of my life now.

Thank you for you who have been visiting my blogs. Do come often! You might not know what you will get in the future here 🙂


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