Biting News of The Day ; July 2, 2005

So, here’s what happened :

AMD vs intel continues in Japan

And Dell has brain-drained HP

Bittorrent creator is going to havea hell of time due to some old note

Fujitsu is researching on how to inflate harddisk

Saturn’s ring has own atmospher

Got a swiss account? then read this

Something stirred hard in Afghanistan as elders were murdered

And UN fear that people will leave Colombia

Africa wants some money from those 8 head-honchos, seeing these problems, but let’s not forget Darfur

Red Cross is violated

Be wary of AIDS, my fellow asians

Italia vs USA, here

Microsoft cut some more fat

Beware of shark infested Florida

Join Make Poverty History, read this, and this

Walkman birthday is TODAY !!

Some piracy joke

Gallery of robots, here

One woman stepped down, gave birth to Mother of Political Battles

Diablo is the greatest, according to gamespot

China is so patriotic, look at this example

We are an analog device. Just look at this

And we need sleep.


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