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I stumbled into Blogexplosion’s Shoutbox, and found them talking seriously about Live 8 and africa

CapnPlaty: My problem w/ Rock the Vote or Vote or Die is they try to dictate who you should vote for.

Hazbro: oh we allow trade with Africa. At prices that suit us. That’s capitalism. As Capn said, we try and use Capitalism to help, but we face abuse for it. We try and set up businesses abroad to help them and we get accused of raping them. Lose-lose.

CapnPlaty: I don’t mind raising awareness, as long as it isn’t preaching an ideology at the same time. I will give Live 8 a nod for that since they have attempted to reign in the political retoric.

dizzyscorpio: Heck if my tax money was going to something decent I would gladly pay them, instead of paying them know to be thrown away

Hazbro: So in essence they are asking us to ask the governments to take more money from us to throw more money at the problem.

dizzyscorpio: and allowing trade, but honestly we don’t know it these 8 people are just going to play cards or if they will talk about real issues…my guess cards

Hazbro: where do people think the aide is going to come from? Tax payers.

Linkarr: …so instead of hoping someone else to help them…they need to realize the root of their problems is their own hatred to each other..

dizzyscorpio: people to vote…Rock the Vote, and Vote or Die, I understood what it meant to vote not because of music but I new what I needed to do…kids now a days need music and fame

CapnPlaty: true, they aren’t asking for money, instead they are asking everyone to call their gov’ts about upping aide.

dizzyscorpio: The last time I checked they weren’t asking for any money…but maybe I was wrong, but I do think that it is one of the few ways that awareness can be brought to the younger generations, I mean look what we have come to to get

Hazbro: That’s it Linkarr. We could eradicate poverty in Africa by making it a stable continent, but we won’t wage war with African dictatorships and stop the civil wars because there’s money to be had. That’s where the changes can be made.

CapnPlaty: ok so a company tries to help out by opening a factory in Zambia. That company gets shunned twice for a. shipping jobs overseas and b. not paying the people a comparable wage to a US worker.

Linkarr: …the same with south america, middle east, south asia, and south east asia…

Hazbro: that’s MY issue with Live 8. It’s the age old idea we have in the west of throwing money at things and hoping some of it will stick.

Linkarr: …they won’t lose the instability in africa cause Africa will be prosperous if they are stable..

Hazbro: but Dizzy, Live 8 is all about throwing money at a problem and hoping it’ll fix it.

Hazbro: did you know that Liverpool, in the UK, was classified as having poverty standards matching that of the third world by an independent study?

dizzyscorpio: Yes we can throw money at any problem but that doesn’t take care of the problem

Hazbro: the status quo will always remain. There’s always been poverty, there’s always been wealth. The irony is that the United States would once have been classified as a poor nation.

CapnPlaty: american apathy is a myth. we have one of the most charitably conscious societies on the planet.

dizzyscorpio: here at home too…sorry got cut off

Hazbro: oh I don’t deny cheap labour has its role in the poverty of these nations, but as much comes down to governmental abuse.

dizzyscorpio: nite Luka

Linkarr: ..they won’t lose their cheap diamond sources…

CapnPlaty: night luka!

dizzyscorpio: I agree that the concerts are not going to solve the problem but the one thing that made sense is something someone said in the differnt contienents the worse thing they saw was American Apathy in regards to making changes not only in the world but a

Linkarr: …they won’t lose weapons markets…

LukaQuinn: aloha everyone! have fun

LukaQuinn won 2 mystery credits (?)

Hazbro: That’s always bugged me about celebrity charity appeals…these are billionaires we’re talking about, and proportionally what they ask us to part with a little more than they’re willing to. Hypocrisy of the highest degree.

Linkarr: hazbro : the roots of the problems in africa is people’s unwillingness to lose their source of income…

Hazbro: Exactly Capn. The fact is, the combined worth of the stars performing could wipe out debt by themselves.

Hazbro won 2 mystery credits (?)

LukaQuinn: thats def not cool linkarr

CapnPlaty: and the same people asking you to give money receive gift bags at awards shows worth more than 90% of the population make in a year.

Well, bloggers can be sensible and sympathetic sometimes. Lots of them talk about politics, neutral or sided. But when they do, they do a monologue. But when bloggers meet in a shoutbox and share their politics, the result can be what can be seen above : serious, long, and somehow enlightening.

Nice talking guys !! Thumbs Up


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