Biting News of The Day : July 4th, 2005

Mt. Helen, you know, is one of the most phenomenal mountain in the world, and now she’s at it again.

Well, internet is the most powerful hub of information now, see what it did to Live 8 show

It’s about time ! Indonesian Presiden talked about this one sin !

In case you haven’t heard about that Aussie Drug Queen, her case is being reopened

Green is not dubya’s color, it seems. He rejected the proposal to reduce greenhouse gas emission, again.

Your kids got addicted to online games? Electrocute them! It works in China.

Microsoft on Google? Never will be pretty. They are talking about bubbles now.

AMD vs intel continued, this time they are presenting evidences, and nine companies agreed to provide them

NASA’s attempt to hit a comet with a probe succeeded, and they had begunn collecting data.

Hmmm Hmm the amount of news fed to me today is somewhat small…ah well, life goes on..

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