Cheers !!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAh, cheerleaders. That blood pumping, eye pleasing, libido arousing hopping around and do the stuffs girls. There were times when I was still on highschool and college that I will try to see cheerleaders strut their stuffs. But when I was seeing these overactive bunnies in the photo, I got the feeling that this was not appropriate for me anymore…it feels so….teenagers…

Ah well, time changes, and people change with it too. There were times when cheerleading was considered a taboo in schools, but nowadays, most all of the highschools in Jakarta have their own cheerleading teams. I guess globalization and the growing media liberalism have great on the unleashing of cultures that were considered unappropriate to be shown in public.

Or it’s just that people got tired with hypocrisy and decided to stop doing it, and show the world that they want them.


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