Live 8 Fraudacity

Live 8, a package of big concerts done around the world, which the organizer claimed as a campaign to elevate people’s awareness to sufferings in Africa, is praised everywhere as big success, and as one big time mark of the latest millenium. With tons of world caliber artists performing on many different cities in one same day, speaking about acting as ONE to promote world’s wellfare and to reduce word’s poverty, it is no doubt a thing of history shattering phenomena, and it deserves to be praised.

But there are talkings around blogosphere that Live 8 is not something to be praised as high as that. It is tainted by the handing out of some high priced duffel bags with trinkets in it that worth around 3000 US dollars. Words have flown, saying that the money used came from the same money that was intended by prople to be donated to Africe. It is even said that Afrika was not even invited there.

Now, if you ask me, I said that those negativites have something true about them.

To hold a concert that magnificent, there should be money involved. I don’t know where the money came from (maybe from donation given to the ONE campaign?), but it sure was not small. That amount of money could be used right away to donate to Africa, or be used into one financial management scheme that can generate more money by mean of mutual funds, and the profit of such mutual funds can be used as donation. There is such scheme here in Indonesia. I’m sure if the money is used that way, Africa will have all the help it needs in term of financial donations.

Or the money can be used to buy foods for those starvings in many parts of Africa, to fund UN peacekeeping forces in Africa, or help build a corporation that gives plenty of job opportunity for Africans.

In short, money used in Live 8 can be used in so many different ways that can be proven to be more efficient to help Africa, or other parts of the world for that matters.


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