Biting News of The Day : July 6th, 2005

Ah, the news of the world, makes your life spinning around and makes your head dizzy..

After he gave us a war, Spielberg is filming on olympic scale

Gives him a big hug guys, but not too tight, it might crush his bone : Dalai Lama turned 70

Live 8 talked big about Africa, lets see if they can turn words into actions : Hunger caused people to flee.

They battled, the raped, and the left children suffered : Japan doesn’t want to compensate war children left in China.

Again, again, and again, Bush defended his brutal occupation of Iraq, whiles ordered Africa to fight corruption.

So, you want to see Olympic 2012 directly? Book a plane to London now !! It won the bid after long way up !!

AMD vs intel: 30 companies prepared their documents.

Feeling not sleeping enough after 10 hrs in bed? Maybe you should read this and think maybe to ask someone else to tie you while you’re sleeping.

Feeling sorry for the mother earth? maybe you should buy a Honda.

So, people, Christopher Columbus IS NOT the discoverer of Continent of America as you white, european, caucasoid had written arrogantly in your books !

We will be given one extra second in the end of 2005.

Shark attack, scientifically, and how to avoid it. Seriously, “Jaws” is serious business out there when it turns real.

And they said a plane crashed on a car and the car owner survived….in german. Seek it yourself, cause my source is in Indonesian Roll

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