Out of Fuel and Biting News of The Day : July 7th, 2005


It is strong, the power of media today is. In Indonesia alone, since the regulations that have succeeded to limit the number of printed publications were lifted, there have been a fantastic multiplication of number of printed publications that present. Not to mention that the shortage of cencorships that have been measured on them have been taken as a sort of cue to total liberation. What limits them now is small amount of old cultural values that have survived and have shown to be eroded daily. Talking about cultural values, we already have FHM Indonesian edition here WooHoo

Now, what this got to do with the title, “OUT OF FUEL” ? Hmm

Well, lately local papers have stated that the national stock of fuels here in Indonesia has reached critical conditions. From normal stock ready for 22 days to just ready for 17 days. Now, it’s not so critical as it seems, cause national fuel producing company’s oil refinery plants are running each day to supply national need, but since the news is in every media, and there has been so much talking by the so called “expers” (mostly PR spinsters and conspirator paid mouths Grrr) about this becoming a critical, people have been made believe that this is critical and have been buying fuels in excess amount, which is basically, Duh unnecessary.

DuhThe same panic seems to have been implanted nicely in the oil market floors and have been making oil brokers crazy (or happy)

Now, there are several conspiracy theories behind all of this ruckus. But before I go further, let me tell you about something else first. There are two kind of gasoline fuels in Indonesia : Premium, and the more expensive Pertamax. Premium formula still contains TEL (tetra ethyl lead), a chemical substance that makes octane number higher, but somehow poisonous. Pertamax has no TEL , so therefore considered the safer of both. There are of course the diesel fuel (called Solar) and kerosene (or minyak tanah).

Now, Sneaky into the conspiracy theory.

Conspiracy theory #1: USA, as always, now globally known as political terrorist, is taking over Indonesia’s fuel supplying business. With this shortage, and the fact that PERTAMINA, state owned oil company that has upstream and downstream oil business, is undefended in taking blows and over this fuel shortage, having fingers pointed at it everytime fuel shortages occur. It is stated that PERTAMINA is no longer suitable because it has low efficiency, corrupt officers, and have low international bargaining positions. It is rumored that USA’s fuel companies are preparing to plant business here, to fulfil Indonesia’s need on fuels. And in one package with the rumor is the saying that they will slowly taking over PERTAMINA downstream’s business cause PERTAMINA will no longer be preferrable by the consumers (Indonesia’s people are the least self-loving bunch, prefer imported things over domestic products, and such). And in the end, PERTAMINA will slowly be liquidated and become nothing in the end.

Conspiracy theory #2: Indonesia’s Head Honcho is forcing people to turn to more expensive, more environmentally safe Pertamax, because the government can’t raise Premium price anymore due to psychological effects the raise will cause, and because the government has no more money to subsidize Premium. With this idea, the government made Premium rare, and blames PERTAMINA. With this, people are forced to use Pertamax, and the need for Premium will soon decline, and in the end government no longer feels necessary to make Premium again. This theory conforms with the same theory in a way. You see, to use Pertamax efficiently, people will need to use engines that are built for Pertamax, and that can be found, at this time, on the more expensive vehicles. If the government has its way, soon all vehicles gasoline engines will be built with Pertamax in mind. Now, since all engines are Pertamax ready, and all USA fuels specs are close to Pertamax, Indonesian people will have no trouble chosing between Premium and Pertamax, cause they CAN’T USE PREMIUM. And since it is in the back of people’s mind that foreign products are better, well, people will choose foreign fuels.

Well, based on this theories, the winner will be the one who listens to Devil more.

SadWe are just poor people here…not even worthy of PayPal approval Crying 1


Biting News of The Day : July 7th, 2005

Now, you know that oil price hit US$ 60 right? It will be pushed upward more by the fact that a storm hits Fulf of Mexico and forces some rigs to shutdown.

A richman is going starsighting, out of atmosphere !

Prince Albert decided to confess that he has an illegitimate child with a flight attendant. Will this be the heir to the Throne of Monaco?

Will this be sign of further military domination ? A court in Indonesia had cleared 12 killers of muslims from convictions !!

Following its victory over securing olympic rights, London was hit by bomb, causing domestic unrest that forced Licker no 1 to make a speech while Europe condemned it and a global markets blues. Will this be sign of an Olympic game full of chaos? Follow the timelines of the explosions, and the witnesses stories. This had made cities to raise awareness. CURSED TERRORISTS !! MAY GOD BURNS THEIR ARSES !! Grrr

Chaos in Philippine continues as Arroyo ordered all of her ministers to quit, after her husband left for hongkong. Hmm, Pinkroma, has any say on this?

Europe decided to side with the free
and to upset big players in software industry. Europe is home for the freeware LINUX, if you don’t know it yet.

It’s something to be watched for : migratory birds can spread Avian Flu.

BUSH HAS FALLEN…from bike in Scotland. Sigh Sneaky

Ah, young generation of China is willing to make friends with Japanese.

Now this is something terminal : A man is facing terminal illness due to lack of copyright !!. And in USA, a boy was apparently stabbed because of an iPod.

And apparently, there are more then 40 deaths occured from this tragedy. For all who is directly affected by the tragedy, you have the right to be Sad, you have the right to Crying 1 and Crying 2, but we all know, the best way to ease and heal pains is to Smile. So, Roll Roll Roll

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