Swinging The Dance and Biting News of the Day: July 8,2005

Swinging The Dance

Bombs exploded in London. Condolescence for them. Many people died, many people suffered, the world was shocked. And at the same time, G8 was forming in England. Dubya is there, and somehow, I smell Devil‘s breath all over the bombings.

The Cospiracy theory : This is not masterminded by the long bearded arabian bastards who put bad names on muslims, this is the work of that hungry hawks down there in Cheney’s bunker. Its coincidence reeks their foul smel all over it. Those predators Grrr needed to make another excuse to put their claws deeper into Iraq. One indication is the fact that Bush tried to swing the G8 Agenda from talking about poverty in Africa to gaining support for his misdemeanour in Iraq. By scaling down topics in Africa, Bush tried to make the bombing as basis for the G8 leaders to think more about the safety of their homes and not about others. The bombings also made a good sample for that terrorists lurk everywhere in Europe, from Italia, to Spain, and now England. Bush has the stuff he needs to make the leaders think far away from Africa and closer to Iraq and securities.

He also need something to steer the media away from Karl Rove, Tom DeLay, and the like.

Now, lets get back to the theory. The one who planted the bombs could be anyone : from muslims fanatics mislead by CIA agents disguised as muslim clerics to Bush’s own secret service. If it is the muslim fanatics, their faith was so wasted. If it is the secret service, any country should be mindful if they have plenty of them coming to secure Bush’s arrival.

And why the subways? Because subway terminals are basically a place where a lot of people cramped inside in an underground cave. Heck, the MRTs themselves are a more civilized form of sardine cans. It will give much psychological damage to people, cause they are there, underground, cramped. When the bombs exploded, panic was rising out for sure, and people will think that their lives would end there if they didn’t come out fast.

So, with Live 8 gone resulting in less than satisfying increase in awareness to Africa, and with Bush tried to swing the G8 leaders, it seemed that Africa will be minor.

But that not so true, Bush apparently had failed to steer G8 as it was reported to agree to raise funds to Africa. Well, talks are cheap, actions are more meaningful.More on the news below.

Biting News of The Day

World leaders, as they should be, expressed their feelings and emotions for the bombings in London. Now, if they don’t turn a blind eye to the fact that Iraq has been bombed daily by unintelligible satan’s army….

Google, while planning to release google toolbar for firefox, is trying to make broadband available through powerlines. Now this is somewhat shocking!!

From Japan, scientists claimed that they have been able to create something that blocks HIV penetration into human’s cells.

It seems RSS fever has attracts a bunch of investors willing to spend some dollars.

Bittorrent, despite the raising resistency from entertainment industries toward peer-to-peer filesharing, has made 2 browser makers to include supports for it.

Things from G8 that had surely made dubya pissed off : G8 decision to address climate change, and G8’s pledge to give US$ 50 billions to Africa. Now, as you may have aware, Dubya is not a greenloving guy, as he prefers the black thick liquid and the smoke that comes when it was burnt. He had failed also to scale down concern to Africa.

London Police said that the attack has the smell of Al-Qaeda. That dubya’s smell, you Idiot. he introduced it to the world as “Al-Qaeda’s”

Now this is greedy, microsoft patented the understanding of music

And somehow, my Opera is lagging today..

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  1. Very interesting views, never thought of the bombing to be in that fasion.

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