My Blog Ver. 3.0

With the succesfully implemented Artbar and Adbar, and the relocation of my profile into the heading, I finally managed to come ver 3.0 of my blog. The Artbar is a sidebar located on the left which contains my comic pages and my posted photos. The Main Content is located in the middle, and the last one is the Adbar, which contains referrals and advertisements. Now that it seems Google AdSense has turned deaf ears on me (not even a reject e-mail has come), my best (and seems futile) hope for revenue is the books located there…

Yeah, I know, it looks horrible right now. I am still considering the colorings. I don’t have much time and data quota needed to make it beautified with graphics and such, I Planned to use only tables to make things simple. The contents are everything in my opinion. Maybe in the future (if all ADSL services are unlimited services here in Indonesia) I’ll try to redesign it with pictures (maybe in ver. 4.0) to make it look presentable. Hey, who knows, if I have unlimited ADSL services, I will start a podcast here !!

So, in the meantime, please bear with the look and delve into the contents. It will make you satisfied !! Roll


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