Welcome Back, Cammy and Biting News of The Day: July 9th, 2005.

Welcome Back, Cammy

Indefinite length in waiting is tiresome and annoying. The anxiety will be multiplied if you are waiting other people while they mend something you dear so much. That’s how I feel when I had to wait for more than 3 weeks while they mend my dearest Cammy. Thingking how she will be far away and in others hands while I can’t even have the time or the capacity to look what were they doing was building prejudices and all negative thingkings in me. Oh, that tormenting time of waiting, the relieve that it has come past is great and very heartwarming.

Cammy is back, in my hands, and in good conditions. Now I can take pictures with her again. Every touch to her curves feel like old memories coming back, soothing, cleanse me of the scars from the torments from the time of waiting. All of her abilities are intact.

It is nice to hear her came back to live, turning on her display, and making a nice mechanical sound of 3x optical zoom lens ready to take some pictures. Lovely Cammy, my dearest Canon Powershot A95 is BACK and TAKING SHOTS!!

Hey, I’m not a gadget-fetish maniac, I just love my things so much I make your heart melt !!

Ah, Cammy. I had troubled deciding which one I should choose: you or that slim but dumb Dimage X-1. But In the end I chose you, because I know you will make me better. You have the abilities to choose what you think best for me. You also gives me choices for me to choose between tastes that suit my condition. And finally, you are able to give me freedom to do what I like with you…

So Cammy, welcome back ! I promise I’ll be tender and keep you away far awy from harm’s way from now on…

Now Cammy, let us see what the world offers us today, shall we?

Biting News of The Day: July 9th, 2005

AMD versus intel is surely a neat topic to follow, Cammy. here is an analysis on how it will affect the industry. I told you, Cammy, bulldozing domination is not a good thing.

Your cousins, the cameraphones, were parts of the London Catastrophe, and they gives us pictures of the aftermath up and close.

It seems fair that the topic, Africa, is given the chance to speak their share of thoughts. And Blair spoke on terrorism and billions in form of >aid to Palestine. L Bombs victims reached 50 with Arabians say “ENOUGH!!” and the poor bus driver giving us his thought.

Power is sweet, even when you are being poked from all directions, like this philippine lady has tasted. She refused to go down and announce plan to make new cabinet.

It seems this year is the year of storm. Dennis is roaring across Cuba.

People will be stunned by the fact that 1500 sheeps jumped to their death in Turkey..

Ah, Cammy..let us claim back our time together, shall we ?

Sick, am I?


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