Power to Waste Money and Biting News of The Day :10 July 2005

Power to Waste Money

Indonesia’s head honcho tossed a party to celebrate his son’s wedding. The party was celebrated by celebrities, from pop industries to political clans. Enemies, Friends, Spies, Clerics, Sinners, all present in one place. To honor the wedding. As always with socialites , they were there to keep values from To keep image. To add value to self. To be not left behind. Let me remind you that this one parent to was chosen to lead because people believed he had the right composition of values needed to free Indonesia from its trappings.

Let me tell you one thing : his party made a town went crippled. The party caused major roads to be blocked. Roads, which supposed to be owned by the people. Roads, the veins of a city. Roads, where lives go forth and about to function. It was not an emergency procedure, just the top guy celebrating the wedding of his son. A guy who supposed to be a servant to people, not sabotageur of their life !!

Public transporation drivers got pissed off because they couldn’t do their job and lost their incomes for the day. Other people couldn’t go to where they suppose to be at that day: to works, to families, to place of worships, or maybe to the nearest hospitals to save life. This is simply a celebration that hurts more than make people happy, and it make me feel sick.

Some people said that that was normal. “Hey, it’s the President’s child, he has the power and money to toss a huge party, so let it be. What can we do about it anyway? It’s only a day!!” Can’t blame them though. They simply so used to authorities stomping on their heads that they accept this as part of their subjugated life. Me? I simply can’t take it !!

This one leader supposed to be a model for humble behaviours, modes livings, wipers of corruption and liberator from subjugations to their people. But he turned out not the one. He is slowly turning into what has become of the general before him : corruptor.

A prominent preacher here in Indonesia said the reasons for someone to become big moneyspender are stupidity, arrogancy, jealousy, laziness, and lack of faith. Stupidity causes someone to spend money on something that in the end will not benefit him. Arrogancy causes someone to spend money on something because he simply can. Jealousy causes someone to spend money on something because others do. Laziness causes someone else to spend money to support him. Lack of faith causes someone to spend money with uncontrollable behaviours.

Now take a look at the head honcho. He made a big party where every top brasses of Indonesia came and caused his people to get annoyed. Not something worthy of his presidency, I assume. He is a looser already .

Just hate it to see that my country seems to go deeper into the spiral when we thought we are climbing up.

Biting News of The Day: July 10, 2005

What happened when Himalaya is melting? Sir Edmund Hillary got announcement to make, that is.

In London, it seems that the police needs to adjust their nose, cause there is a possibility that the attacks were made by britons, not Al-Qaeda. And the bombs themselves are thought to be sophisticated ones. And Bush, as always, got something to say about it.

It seemed Gloria was getting some religious lifts to stay at Philippine’s seat of power, although it was somehow not whole.

Happy Sunday, everyone.


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