Propechies, things without logics, things that go out without being analyzed, things that resonate more with ambitions than with truth. Things that are the exact antithesis of sciences : baseless, biased, illogical, and unpredictable. Yet in this age of sciences and technologies, prophecies continue to live. In their simplest form as astrology or in their grandest, most hyperbolic prophecies of the return of Jesus and the rise of Imam Mahdi.

It seems technology plays big in advancing the existence of body of man, but has pathetic role in advancing the existence of soul of man. So that in order to fill his soul, Man seeks things that seemed so different to technology.

Religions play big role in the continuing existence of prophecies. The return of Jesus, The Armageddon, the rise of Imam Mahdi, all signs of end of time. In this age of wars, hungers, greeds, and imbalances, menacing prophecies of end of time such as these feel like at place in the heart of restless and void humans.

“Come, walk with us, in this age of ending. Come, embrace Allah and bring forth his hellfire, as your soul too shall be cleansed in the fire that you give to the enemies of God !!!

“Behold, the power of Christ is true, God is smiling and coming closer to earth as his army gains victories !!

Prophecy say that in this age where George W.Bush reigns, Christ shall come to Earth when all Jews have been converted to become the lambs of God. This prophecy helps dubya continues his reign of terrors, lies, and deceptions. Those who chose him and still proud protector of his reasons have faith in what their preachers say about end of time and their victory, believe that what dubya’s been doing now is the best a man can do to ensure the victory of church. Lame justification for some mass murdering for oil, I say !!

Prophecy say that in this age where Indonesia is the worst yet biggest moslem country in the world, a man who shall be called Imam Mahdi (Praised Leader) shall be born and rise. He shall be the scion of Tamim Tribe, born from the lineage of Ali bin Abu Tholib. He shall wipe out anyone who opposed Allah and brings justice and balance in the world. I know, I should defend this one…but this one is just one more reason to say that Islam is clinging to something unreal to sooth it’s own wrecked condition…

Prophecies are just that, lame excuse to believe in something for some lost and weak souls. We are humans , born into this world to manage it, to prosper from and for it. To keep it in balance as we make it better.

We are parts of God, we are born into this world so that when we return to Him we are of better souls !! Those who can’t be better souls will be cast into the fire and be cleansed. This is one prophecy I can accept. This one is the truth. It has truth’s most important trait : Neutrality.

Biting news of the day? This one, of the a lowlife and the most innocent lifeform he was holding died in a gunfight.

Ah…the end of days…somehow it can be made a justification for why I don’t have to have a girfriend…


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