Over the Limit – July 12th, 2005

I satisfy my hunger on internet by subscribing to cheapest ADSL package that is available in Indonesia. At roughly US$50 per month, I get 500 megabytes of allowable data traffic (up and download) quota per month. Any excess will be charged per kilobyte.

Now, let’s see…Reading500 megabytes per month means roughy 16 to 17 megabytes per day. That’s enough for me usually, since I have set my opera to display cached images only. For news, I rely on its newsfeeds ability, meaning I can get about 200 headlines each and every day (now you know the secret behind my biting news of the day). For that all I need, 16 Megabytes is usually enough.

But why did I call this post “Over the Limit?”

That’s because, my dear reader, I have been unsatisfied by how my blog looks. I keep on changing and changing my blog, tweaking the template here and there, previewing it over and over, activating the image rendering of opera so that I can see my blog fully as it’s taking shape. It has been a marathon between my ego and my budget conscious self. So far, my ego wins.

I have this trait that everything mine must have my own distinct style on it. My PC, my scanner (ever heard of mustek scanner before?), my Cellphone (a siemens M65, tough and rare), and on and on and on, till that ego hits my blog. Since then, my ego has cost me and my blog. I have been spending a lot of time to learn how to shape my blog according to my whim, my blog have been altered so much it looks strange now, and each and every day, I overuse my daily data traffic quota. Well…considering this and all that will be coming in the future….

I think I will be over the limit this month Devil

Biting News of The Day

Gundam lovers everywhere, forget your remote controlled Zaku and buy this 18 foot sized mech on sold in e-bay instead !!

Americans, read why sacrifices being made in Iraq will make you less and less safe

In AMD vs intel, one name, Dixon, is refusing to help AMD.

Do you know that GTA: San Andreas has sex on it? Wonder what is keeping me from buying that thing anyway…

It’s been a rather uninspirational day Sleeping..


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