Save The Energy

Or try as best as you can to conserve oil usage. This is what the theme of the campaign the government have been running lately, backed up by a regulation issued by the head honcho. I am absolutely agree with this one. With oil price soaring as high as US$60 dollar per barrel (average lowest obligatory labor payment? US$ 70), there’s an absolute necessity for the government to try as hard as they could to keep the people of this republic from wasting oil.

They have been giving examples of not using their suits while doing ceremonial events, reducing the necessity of air conditioning, as they have said that it will reduce oil usage if office buildings set their air conditioning to 25 degrees celcius (wondering about the level of coolness inside cars). They also aks TV stations to cease airing from 0 to 4 a.m in the morning. This, I believe, is hardly an impressive example No. It will be more impressive if the members of congress and senate lives close to the meeting hall and not spending more time wandering around acting as debt collector, or there’s healthier, more civilized, and more numerous public transportation modes around. Or there’s a regulation that hinders the explosive growth of traffic jamming, fuel ravaging, polution augmenting mode of transportation called motorcycle. Perhaps getting rid of that peddlers selling all that illegal trinkets will make the road back to its intended width and function Rolling Eyes.

Perhaps a curfew will make a lot of impact in oil usage.

An experts once said that one of the biggest factor of oil wasting are traffic jams. Well you know traffic jams already : all of that fuel got burnt inside non-moving vehicles. he said that if everyone get rid of their ego and use public transporation instead, we’ll save A LOT of fuel. He also said it got worse by the fact that VIPs usually are given priorities on using roads, thus increasing the probability of fuel got wasted. He suggested that they use helicopters instead, because in the end it will make less holes in the government’s pockets.

Perhaps the consumption will lower drastically, the roads will be free of jams, and there will be growths of public transportation modes, if the government just simply cease to give subsidies for fuels. Oh yeah, there will be mental breakdown everywhere, but in the end living will be better, cause in the end people will seek balance of their life, and they will live more efficiently, reducing unnecessary consumptions such as cigarettes and heavy cellphones usage.

One fact: while living in a poor, debt trapped country, Indonesian people are the most consumptive people in the world !!


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