Gamble, Reincarnation – July 13th, 2005.

Some high brass of Indonesian police force has made an extravagant claim that he is ready to wipe out gambling (which is have always been illegal) in Jakarta in less than a week. A bold claim, I might say. To them who knows the real underground gambling world, the claim can be considered either as empty words or suicidal note. Empty words because gambling has been fattening some of the dogs in the police force, and it will be unlikely that those dogs will not be barking, clawing, or biting some forms of defense inside the police force themselves, because they have chains around their necks that will be their deathstring of gambling’s grandmasters will them to be.

It is a suicidal note because gambling already has its roots and claws everywhere in the city. Gamblings and all form of nightsins (stripteases, drugs, alcoholics, murders) are presents in Indonesia, and they live mostly together. They have form an industry that gives HEAVENLY revenues each night. And like all those movies, they will pull out their claws and start ripping apart anyone who dares to disturb their presences. It will not be easy for the bragging brass to wipe out this well established dens of evils, it will take months to detect, locate, chase, and close any ventures while resisting resistances from the enemy or from within themselves.

Three days seems to be an impossibility.

Or perhaps it is possible to do it. Perhaps it’s just a lipservice. Perhaps the brass and gambling has made an agreement and arrangement on how and when they will play a drama of “Big Gambling Termination”. Perhaps it will just be a jargon soon forgotten, like every jargons before it.

Perhaps we can still see hope…

Biting News of The Day : July 13th, 2005

Firefox has been upgraded to version 1.0.5.

Of the london tragedy, local police believes that one of the culprits, who they thought are all british is among the death victims. They are chasing the mastermind now while EU has a rush on preparing an anti-terror talks

Aceh is known not only for its tsunami, but also for its local separatist group who now has considered a peace with the official government.

Brad Pitt is hospitalized. Should we cry? Naaah! We should see the list of top 10 car chase movies !!

Prince Albert of Monaco is officially ruler of that little gossip franchising spec called Monaco.

Time to learn some history of the trains world. Their history of crashes, that is.

intel got raided by the EU comission. A sidestory in <a href="AMD vs intel drama ? Who knows, AMD is an european enterprise, afterall.

With a right combination of RSS newsfeeds, obiquitos wireless internet connection, and some fujitsu made e-paper, the future of printed newspapers looks bleak.

have a nice 13th


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