Photoblog : Panoramic Oil Well Scenery – July 14th 2005

Free Image Hosting at Finally, I’m able to post this one. It’s been a month or so since I took the pictures that were sketched into this one panoramic photo. This is one among 3 sets that could be stitched together by Canon Photostitch nicely, other 2 simply have obvious lapses in the results.

This outcome has made me wondering whether I should by a tripod or not..tripods are expensive things, you know. And I haven’t been able to justify buying one. I mean, I know I simply can’t make a good panoramic photo without taking the will-be-stitched photos with great accuracy and stability. Optimum stability can be obtained if I use tripod (or simply having a sniper-caliber hand and eye stable coordinations). I am wondering right now : If I buy tripod, that means I’m into photography seriously.

A tripod is not exactly a thing you can slide in into your backpack easily. Not to mention that there are not a single review on tripods that I know of. It will be hard to find one good that match my style other than relying on talked opinions and gut instinct.

Biting News of The Day : July 14th, 2005

Well, it seems in every anglican christian dominated country, terror at home means justification for strick, paranoidal anti-terror law and action on the “evil ideology”. Yep, Islam. So does the jews

Is thera a new generation of home-grown make-bomb-at-home generation? You can see its indication in the Subsea Territory

Maybe dubya will rethink about sucking more dollars into his little oil exploration game if he realized that NASA has been having faulty shuttles lately while China has had a successful astronau delivered into the space.

I don’t know about the police who shot it, but it seems an innocent life was taken by a police bullet. It will be very soul-shattering fact for the police, for sure.

It seems the latest, sidious looking Pope has battered Harry Potter before.

Sex in game has made a prominent lady to take a peek at it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MP3 !! It sure been a tough up and coming, eh? Many contenders come and go, some stays but not as strong as you have become !! You are still the king of compressed hi-fidelity music !!

Latest bomb in Iraq.


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