Misty Days – July 15th,2005

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Maybe we should blame this one to dubya too, he seems to be the perfect scapegoat for everything wrong in recent world. The weather has been hectic across the globe, with storms raging one after another in mexico gulf. Here, in Jakarta, the weather has been hectic too. I believe that in elementary school I was taught that June should be the drought season, with sun blazing every day and the sky is clear blue and the man are all sunburnt Tanny and the news of forest burns starts to pop up everywhere across the nation. But not this June and July, they have been a very hectic month full of clouds and lightning and acidic water pouring into the earth every magic hours of dawn and dusk, resulting in a very humid night and foggy morning here, in Jakarta. All colors outdoor have been tinted with gray when seen from the height of my 31st floor office.

This kind of weather have been disturbing me lately. What have been bothering is that when the drought season finally comes, it will be a very long and dry season. People will start losing water supply everywhere, and as usual, the governing people will begin pointing fingers at each other, and clerics and wisemens will start blaming why don’t people store water when it was plentiful to face dry days. It has happened before, and I believe it will happen again. Such is the characteristic of post-Soeharto era : endless finger pointings Grrr

And judging by the look of things, it seems Jakarta will be soaking still for days to come. I have been leaving my umbrella at home the last two days. It made me wet for 2 days. Brrr…

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Biting News of The Day

Bird Flu has entered my homeland and has begun taking victims. Now that’s scary.

It seems cocaine has entered every corner of the world, even into EU parliament

There seems to be a planet with 3 suns somewhere out there, but not in a galaxy far far away.

I think this one makes sense, it is the same people who half of them believes that dubya will lead them to prosperity : one third of Americans believe in ghosts.

United Kingdom has been hailed as one that can be the technology capital of the world in the future…may be they’ll start with the security technology first Devil.

Baghdad latest bombing


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