CNOOC vs United States of America

China National Offshore Oil Company is one part of an alliance made by some of the oil companies that operated on Malacca Strait Area. Since my company is small one, I thought CNOOC is a small one too. But the news that the company had made some top brasses of USA got thorns on their seats opened my eyes: CNOOC is large! It is large,owned mostly by the Communist Goverment (70%), its able to outperforms other bidders for UNOCAL, and its part of China’s ambition for controlling world most important resource, Petroleum, for its own usage.

Now that’s A Nation for you !!

Capitalistic China, which have been growing at quite an alarming rate, is an awaking giant and the most potential Superpower of the future. It already has traits of a superpower: seeks to control its own resources, sets its own standards of information technologies, buying cheap technologies from other countries to be developed further at home, and gives a lot of lures for foreign investors to come and set shop here (Not even Corporate America has been able to resist the lures), and its every economic decisions put waves on every equity markets all over the world, and it has a very strong government who has hands in every parts of the country.

So strong, not even America is able to implant its own people effectively into the government.

Now, back to CNOOC. We know that it has been offering more money than other bidders to take control of UNOCAL. It makes one congressman, Duncan Hunter, rose his voice over concern that if CNOOC is able to take over UNOCAL, it will threaten USA’s energy security. He also took note that dubya and his gang of corporates lackeys have not been doing anything significant concerning the issue, it seems they are waiting who shall provide the best of the greenback, jeopardizing the security of the energy supply or not. But to be noted, USA’s governments have been known to be very paranoid when it comes to the security of the energy resources. A single Superpower intends to stay that way. Many top brasses will raise concerns that’s in tune with Duncan Hunter. It shall be heard whether their concerns put the government in defensive moves or their loyalties to the greenbackl be proven furthermore.

SO, CNOOC vs USA, in short, is a war for oil, much the same with Iraq, but without the humvee or the jihad. If CNOOC takes control of UNOCAL, it will make it an owner of many big offshore petroleum operations, put threats to USA’s energy security, provide a new cause for the rise of oil price : China is hogging its own petroleum and will not sell it to the world, and somehow an indication of USA’s powers dwindling down.

Now, let’s take a look at Indonesia. It’s been having fuel shortage, its oil production is mainly for export, it has been importing fuels in an amount that exceeds crude oil it exports, and the government has hinted that it will give rights to operate a large and prospective oil field to Exxon Mobile who has done many malicious and suspicious legal practices before, instead of giving it to PERTAMINA, who is 100% owned by the government. The government representatives in the business discussions between the government and Exxon Mobile are one liberal economic practicer and one former politic watcher turned PR spinster. Where are the oil guys? They are too smart, to neglecting, and to out of place in the government.

Not a nation with pride, right? RIGHT!

Get to hate Indonesia while living in it, from it, and have to support it. Such a harsh dilemma.

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