(Late) Biting News of The Day – July 18th, 2005

Clinton and Sex seems to be a very newsmaking combo : Hillary Clinton take on GTA: San Andreas sexually explicit content seems to be personal and so not liberal.

Wise men say nothing cannot be forgiven. I think Iraq’s PM is about to prove that by visiting Iran. If this is succesful, God knows what comes next : Israel makes peace with Palestine?

Eleven soldiers who had (suspectedly) done violations in Iraq are facing charges.
There will always be People’s Power in Manila. But this time something is amiss: who leads? Last time it was Arroyo, who is now the victim.

There was peace agreement reached between Indonesia and the Aceh rebels. It’s been hitting the rebels since Tsunami.

Iraq’s court began to prepare charges for the “Saddam Hussein” they had held custody. I am still wondering if that is the real Saddam. Surely it will be better for him to be kept in jail by his allies, but doubt still grips me.

Latest Bomb and deathin Iraq.

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