Biting News of The Day – July 19, 2005

You know, there’s a baby buried in a concrete block for 15 years. She was buried properly at last.

Bush talks reek of lie. That’s no news.

Something’s coming up in Darfur : Rebels talk about peace agreement.

Robot Endurance Race : In photos.

Solar Endurance Race: In photos.

Well, people still believe that there are in fact Living Buddhas. Ask Tibetans!

It looks like XBOX 360 has been spotted somewhere…but it could be Vole’s spinsters trick.

Latest Bomb in Iraq.

1 comment
  1. doris said:

    That is a very sad case with the baby but at least it can have a more suitable burial now. I can’t imagine I could ever do that to a baby or person and would carry it on my mind and heart for ever.

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