I woke up today and turned on my PC. It was a very quiet 3.30 a.m, and the noises generated by the fans dominated the room before I turned on WinAmp and put my speaker into power. It was enough to cover the noises, and it was surely a good way to wake up the neighbours.

Now, I wonder why those silicon makers doesn’t try to make a niche market of noise conscious customers? I mean, one in which they deliver cool, no-need-for-cooler-fans processors. So instead of focusing on racing in the speed lane, they concentrate on making more comfortable personal computing experience.

I am sure there will be many people who will buy the noiseless PCs simply because of their comforts. There are many people out there who will spend money for comforts.

Besides, noiseless PCs are healthier for your soul. It is not causing all of that sub-conscious discomfort you’ll realize you’re been having it once you turned off your PC.

So, intel and AMD, why don’t you focus on cool and noiseless silicons instead of all of that power hungry and room heating fast lane processors?

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  1. I did a BIOS update for my HP PAVILION, WHICH ADJUSTED THE SPEED OF THE FAN, AND THAT SEEMS TO HAVE made it very quiet.

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