(Late) Biting News of The Day – July 25th, 2005

Microsoft is the most succesful copycat so far. They have copied apple OS, mouse, office applications, and other stuffs. Now, they are after Google Earth with a copy of their own. Who says we need innovation to be rich?

Windows VISTA (no, people believe its not abbreviation for Viruses, Infections, Spywares, Trojans, and Adwares) received some critics. Wanna know what could Vista means?

Some secret revealed: evolution of butterflies.

Hong Kong honours The Great Little Dragon, Bruce Lee. Not even Jet Li could reach his status.

Egypt began investigating the recent devastating bombing on its Sharm-el-Sheikh. They said some Pakistanis were involved. Wonder why it’s always Pakistanis or Iraqi or Afghans.

Another new illness attack China. Wonder if dubya has a secret biological weapon lab somewhere in the Gobi desert.

Now this is great : Siemens mobile phones (my favourites) will be powered by ATi (another favourite) mobile graphic chips.

Another shuttle launch is on the way. Discovery is ready.

Wanna know why we blink without noticing it?

The greed has tried to patents emoticons. Now that’s so microsoft.

Latest bombing in Iraq.



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