Music To My Ears

It seems that one of the feature that will and MUST appear in cellphones (or cellphone capable mobile devices) is music playing capability. It just so irresistable and a feature so overwhelming that all in the mobile device industry, makers or consumers, thing that they must have music in their phones. Some even put dedicated music button(s) on the keypad rows.

Thanks iPod! Your father is a genius !!

It seems trendy mobility in this latest century is identical with having tiny music generating speakers close to your ears with their cables connected to a tiny pocketable devices that carry hundreds of songs in its magnetic based storage device. If so, I’m one of those trendy mobile people Wink, although I’m not carrying a portable harddisk, just some tiny flash, but hey, it plays radio and records voices too !!

I think it’s just like me : Those trendy mobile people need something to show the world that they have styles, they are cool, and they are not to be disturbed easily.

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