Biting News of The Day – July 26th, 2005

Vole may be in trouble over the Vista name. No, not because of the “Viruses, Infections, Spywares, Trojans, and Adwares”, but because someone already uses that name.

Sony maybe ailing in innovation field (beaten here and there by samsung nowadays), but they still have ambitions : They planned to have PS3 around for 10 YEARS !!

The pope thought Israel is not a terror victim. Now, that’s something. Israel got all short-fused about it.

That poor brazilian chap was shot 8 times. Result of Paranoidicity an trauma?

Will flu be the cause of our extinction? Research found it’s a very mutating thing.

Maria in Flesh?

There seems to be error in pointing fingers at pakistanis. Egypt said they were mistaken.

They are tattoing pigs in China. It seems it takes everything to make a world, eh?

Russian spammer was found murdered.



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