How to be A Good Political Party – Part II

I have written this piece a very long time ago, before I entered real world and become somehow polluted by it.

I have said here my view on why should we build our country with cooperative base more than capitalism. It is the best bridge between low class based communist system to individual based capitalism system.

I don’t know how many of my ideals are still with me, but I think I’ll start digging them up by trying to write this sequel.

Part I talks about how you start building your parties as representatives of network of cooperatives that you have built. By doing so, you will reduce the need to raise funds from outside of your circles, cause you already have the profitable cooperations as basis of fundings. Also you can have a strong adherence and loyalti to your party like no other parties in the world ever have. People from all of professions will join their respective cooperations, and thus will have a tendency to become member of your party.

They say trying to grow something is much more troublesome than trying to conceive them (try sex, for example, and pregnancy that results from it). Now, growing your party will be difficult. Not all will agree with your views. Some will try to use you for their own plans (it happens, so be aware). Some will try to rob your followers and make other smaller parties using the same idea you have been using. Of these, be aware that the cure may not be from your own, but from your followers. You need to know more of your followers, your fellow party members. Some of the more useful one will be hidden from plain sights. Some of those who shines will not be suitable for the survivals of your ideals. Try to mingle a lot, try to be mobile, try to touch them all while they are still small enough number to be touched. People are the keys to survival of the party.

With minor influence from the outside (namely those hypocritic businessmen and politic cowboys), you will have less obstruction to be independent. Use your independence fully. Try to be vocal from time to time, but try to keep it logical and look low profiled. If your voice is out of logic, you’ll be deemed as the same as other parties. If you play it high-profiled, strong parties, business godfathers or freelancer politicians will try to stampede on you for sure. Your party is still budding, you still need to walk cautiously and act wisely, but with independency written all over your acts.

Since your base is economic (cooperative is a form of economic institution), be active in giving out ideas on how to make economic laws more feasible to your followers, and do so in good intentions. Your followers will mostly be lower class citizens, so pay more attention to their prosperity. Make your ideas suit them best. Think on how should the laws comfort the nature of the cooperatives more than the nature of pure capitalisms to get full support from your grassroot followers.

Be creative, supportive, independent, vocal, and cautious.

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