Biting News of The Day – July 28th, 2005

Microsof has announced that they will not provide public beta 1 of Windows Vista.

I wonder how long it take till these flash based cards took over the role of hard disk? It seems a company, Pretec, is testing a 4 Gigabytes version of its own SD-Card.

Well, I agree with this survey, Instant Messaging is the best way to do communication through the cyberworld.

Is this the end of shuttle flights? It seems so. NASA has halted all schedules to lauch another shuttle after Discovery dumped some debris when launched.

Black Hawk syndrome continued in Iraq.

Now this art and science in love : ECCE HOMOLOGY.

Well, human is indeed unlimited : a blind boy is a master gameplayer !!

Hopefully this will not lift oil price higher : an oil rig was burnt in India.

There were more bombs set for other blasts found in a car in London.

Saudi funds Islamic Art at Louvre. God Blesses the Saudi! Praise Allah!

Nature tends to be creative sometimes, and some believe it is a path to evolution. I said it’s God’s will.

Music phones won’t be iPod killers? Well, not it the short run, but they will in the long run, especially if Apple is eaten by large cellphone company in the future….
It seems largest parts of the music companies cyberworld profits come from their sworn enemies.



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