Why Did I Take It?

Now that I have been at the helm of a camping comittee on my office for 2 days, I am wondering why I took it at the first place anyway?

It’s just so out of the blue. The camping itself was announced by much senior officer at the company, and the next day, I was appointed chief of the comittee and did not refuse it. I began composing comittee at the same day, and hold the first meeting at the same day

I think it’s just my sub-consciousness that thought it’s a good way to unite the youngsters of my company to do one activity together. It has been my ambition for long, to make them as one, do things together, negate the uneasiness they have with the company day by day.

Now that I have accepted it, the responsibilites seem to be vast and large enough to be measured by my current experiences.

Or it’s just I am just curious, as usual.

Ah. Whatever the cause, I need to make this as succesful as it can be.

Wish me luck !!



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