Another Oil Price Rise?

BPN platform wellheads were hit by one of the large work boats in Mumbai High North around 4pm today. BPN platform is gone. You can see part of it falling in the water in the last few pictures. Over 300 people were on board, so far only 2 confirmed dead. There are 3 choppers and Coast guard picking up people from the water. A lot of people jumped, apparently.

Noble Charlie Yester (NCY) rig is hidden by the flames that look to be going right into its derrick. All personel were evacuated for platform and rig. No word yet on them. The NCY evacuation should have gone well as they had some warning.

Hmmm..this is a bad year for petroleum based economy. Platforms by platforms are hit by disasters. Iraq’s oilfields are not secure enough (blame DUBYA !!), Nigeria has been hit by workers strike, a petroleum refinery in USA was burnt down, wells are being put into experiments by booming oil companies thus endangering, and God knows what other oil producing countries are being targeted by USA.

I have been thinking that our current petroleum (and imaginary economic inflation) based economy has been showing signs of ailing. Oil consumption is rising while the oil stock is reducing. Imaginary fears of will not get enough oil to fulfil their needs, due to recent accidents that hit some oil companies and rising level of terrorism, have forced consumers to let the oil market puppet masters put the price at neck-choking level. Economy has been taking hit for this oil price spiking phenomenon.

And it all started by dubya.

Before he decided to trample on Iraq, oil price has never been this high. Terrorism levels are somewhat lower than today, and the world was more peaceful place to be. But after he and that bald jewish rose, world economy has been on the receiving ends of their lifesucking acts, not to mention that every being in the USA is now in debt (well, go around the blogosphere, you’ll see some that said USA has mountanous debt).

All while China is becoming more and more prominent, eating out every pieces of the west civilization it can grab.



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