Biting News of The Day – July 29th, 2005

Somehow Microsoft’s brainchilds are among the easiest to crack: “Genuine Advantage” cracked !

ATi has released a beta Catalyst driver for a beta Windows Vista.

Some said some pictures leaked will harm US-UK relations. Now, isn’t about time? In the meantime, body of The Poor Brazilian was sent back home, and about to be buried there.

Now now now, who is thinking about setting an electroshocking taser on a suspected bombs-in-a-jacket terrorist? I won’t, he won’t.

Israel vs Benedict continues. I smell the rise of something “bad” here…

From my homeland : A pilot is accused of being involved in the killing of a prominent human rights activist.

Well, those on Discovery may have been crossing their fingers : A foam has been calculated to hit the shuttle’s wing.

Boy killed boy with a baseball hat. He is just 13.

Russia protests to the US over a TV interview with notorious Chechen rebel Shamil Basayev.

This one thing is dubbed “Paperclip of The New Millenium”

Google vs Microsoft continued.

Some race is more afraid than others, study learned.

Indonesia and China signed five agreements. Beware, World!

A shrink has suggested that prolonged use of iPod may create a “musical hallunication”.

Careful deleting files on your PC. You might ended up charged with “Cyber Sabotage” suit.

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