Biting News of The Day – July 30th, 2005

Another ice lake was found in The Red Planet as a result of scientists struggle to search partners for mankind to share the world.

Still recovering from Tsunami, India has been hit by Monsoon rain that has taken up to 800 souls.

Foreign students are to be banned from moslem schools in Pakistan. Guess they have it enough being highlighted everytime someone blews up some caucasians, eh?

Commander of Discovery shuttle seems to have been disappointed because of the “debris incident” and said the crew was “surprised”. Wonder what will happen to the morale level of the crew anyway? Anyway, they have prepared some spacewalk.

Two refinery and an offshore rigs fire were enough to drive oil price upward. I have been thinking if those accidents were caused by terrorism act under command of Dick Cheney?

Shall we welcome the latest of family member of our Solar System? Scientists are taking measurements whether we shall or not.

US oil firm returned to Libya after 19 years.

At least 14 people are injured in a crash between two rollercoaster cars at a Disney theme park in California.

Saddam was Aattacked.

I thought market domination through patenting public owned technology is microsoft’s stuff, but it seems Google has tried to do the trick : trying to patent web syndication.

Bush is less and less popular. 44% approved him. The majority didn’t.

Do you know that Mario is approahing the age of 20? Nintendo is preparing a surprise!!

Latest bombing in Iraq. Wonder if Dubya hear this tally daily?



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