Contact Lenses

I just realized that that funny feeling when I take a look at their eyes is the result of seeing that something has been done to their eyes : The girls of my office are using contact lenses. (No, The Girl doesn’t seem to use them..funny, I thought she was the most fashionable one..)

They bought them together. A pack of girls buying contact lenses must have made some optician happy.

One of them, the most obvious one, are using green lenses. That make her eyes look so…intimidating. Another is using purple contact lenses.

Only one of them have used glasses previously. Pure style? It seems so.

I have though of following suit..but after considering that I’m a lazy bastard, I decided to not follow suit.

Instead, I’m thinking of buying a new pair of glasses : frameless frame (oh, you know the stuff) and with lenses that can go darken when are hit by the getting-dangerous-day-by-day sun’s UV-ray. I also need the extra shading when I’m out in the field, tending some wells. The sun can be so CRUEL when is greeted in the field, not to mention that I have to see upward so many times, causing me to winch my eyes and adding that freckles and wrinkes on my face faster than it should be.

And it can protect me better from the UV that comes from my monitors, at home and at the office.

Now…if I can find a time slot to buy a pair before my next assignment to the fields.

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