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Can anyone tell me that this kind of road constructing is downright outrageous? I mean, they took over more than half of usable roads and causing excessive traffic jams, not to mention presenting potential dangers to road users.


Left office for 2 weeks, and I found that all of my credits are taken by others.

First the acidizing projects: they stripped some candidate wells that are the results of my 5 months research and add other well candidates. Then the camping: others are taking credits cause they were there and I was not. I was the chairman for God’s sake. The camping was the most succesful ever, and I am not credited for being the man who started, who gave ideas on how to expand it, and who didn’t give up even when others said that my ideas were too much. Two told me that I was not part of the comittee all along cause I quit midways and have no right to claim credits for the success.

I quit cause I was like thousands of miles away and need to concentrate on my job more and unable to get back in time.

Damn bitches.

It is somehow typical for me that whenever I left places that I usually come for more than 10 days, changes happened dramatically.
For starter, the layout for a bookstore I usually visit when I want to find some new comics and books have changed dramatically. Then, the air conditioner at the office is somewhat warmer than the usual. I haven’t been forced to go hibernating by it. Then, the roads that I have to pass when coming home have been changed dramatically due to the gigantic road construction works there, forcing me to walk almost 2 kilometers long. Next, my most favourite eating place has been closed and moved to somewhere. Now only have 3 eating place options left…

Then I got the funny feeling that The Girl is getting married…

These changes hit me like God decided to shout at me while saying this : “SEE THE CHANGES, WHINY BOY? GROW UP!! NOTHING IS STATIC AND SO MUST YOU!!”

Well, my latest days have me thinking that I should change too. What should I change, what should I keep,what should I discard, and where should my new direction take me. I hope I can tell you the answers to those questions soon .

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Have you notice my sidebar gallery? Now now, don’t lie to me, I know you have noticed it. It’s so irresistible to watch cause it’s so damn colourful and plentiful. Not to mention many of the photos are top notch (many have said it, so I have the right to brag here) . I’m proud with my sidebar gallery, it is the best thing that can make my blog very different with other blogs out there. It’s there to make your visit worthwhile.

But I have dire problem with the sidebar though. You see, it’s a part of my blog template. I can’t add photos there without adding the url to my photos on the template, save the modified template, and republish the entire blog. I don’t know if publishing the index only is sufficient or not. I wish there are alternative to the method. Something like, but for images. Let’s just call it instant-gallery. It works like this:

1. you register to the service,
2. got a code you can insert to your template,
3. implement the code,
4. save the template,
5. got a code for a button you can put into your browsers panels,
6. click the button,
7. login,
8. add the URL of your picture,
9. Save! And whoila, the next time your site is loaded, visitor can see that you have added a new image to your gallery.

Well, i guess the service has to be free to attract people, and the gallery will have advertisements on it, but hey, I won’t mind. I need the simplicity. And this method can REDUCE the size of my template CONSIDERABLY.

Are there any similar services available already? Haven’t found them on my blogcruising life yet.


Got this from BBC

A new technique could allow transplant patients to receive organs from donors with a different blood group.

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust carried out one of the first such transplants to use a the technique, which removes antibodies from blood.

I think this development will be a total revolution if it can be applied worldwide. Imagine the increase in the probability of lives of millions of people world-wide. Those who have their organs disfunctioned will have to wait shorter in order to get transplantation.

In negative side, the cost of organ transplantation could be higher and become more and more unreachable by the poors.

Read this

Microsoft earned its status as a convincted monopolist in the US courts by exerting exclusionary tactics in several ways, both economic and technological. It locked down its distribution channels, for example, by insisting computer makers pay for a MS DOS license whether they shipped the OS with the system or not. The company sabotaged rivals, notably the DR-DOS and OS/2 for Windows products, by ensuring they weren’t fully compatible with its products.

Another Microsoft tactic, of setting de facto standards to favor itself, is one that Google could well deploy, particularly through its recently-revived Web Accelerator plan. But to date there’s no sign of it overstepping the boundary. So the only sensible judgement that Google is the new Microsoft would be “not proven”.

I feel, like any other companies that started small, had many revolutionary ideas, and had their products used by the majority, Google is turning into and “Evil Archtype”. First sign of it is their never ending expansion into so many elements of the cyberworld. from the connection needed to get into the net into e-mail providing. They also have the urge to spit out revolutionary products almost every month, if only to outshine competitors. Those two perhaps the reason why we should warn Google that they have become the villain in the eyes of the wary.

Perhaps one glaring mischief that Google has is their Gmail product. Gmail provided ever-growing e-mail storing capacity with easy to use navigation system and so many options. But at the same time, Gmail has a web spider that crawls through the e-mail stored there in order to display some “contextual based advertisements that relate to the contents of the e-mails”, thus close to violating someone’s privacy.

But perhaps the most dangerous thing about Google is the way it grows: fast, unrivaled, threatening, but yet still loved by many who are unaware. It feels like microsoft indeed in its early ages. You can see what kind of demon microsoft had turned into, and the same thing can become the future of Google.