Can’t Live Without Them…

Thanks A MILLION for Lumina and Lotus for guiding me out of misery for losing chances with The Girl. It seems it takes woman to beat woman out of man’s soul, and luckily, I have two such women in my.

No, they are not collections. They are…well..special.

Anyway, no man is strong enough to truly alive without the viewpoints given by their XX counterparts. I need to be strong enough now to administer three tasks that I have taken: The Acidizing Project, The Camping, and The Field Tasks.

And already The Girl has been showing some slips away from her potency due to romantic situation she has been in. And it seems The Secretary is falling into the same situation soon. I need those two as brainstormers and crowd gatherers for The Camping. Losing them will put me in a rather unbalanced situation. But can’t do nothing about them if they fall deep..who am I to drag them out of their romances.

Needs to concoct back up plan on this soon before I take off to the field on Saturday…

note :in case you missed biology, we men are XY, and the women are XX, and X chromosome is tougher and more adaptable than the Y chromosome, but Y chromosome is wilder and stronger.

ps: I stopped doing Biting News of The Day for this month. Need to spend my time on other things.


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