Saudi Arabia : Refreshed?

King Fahd died yesterday, and Prince Abdullah, his brother and the heir to the throne, succeed him. The late king was finally put to rest, honored by many world leaders.

One question rose quickly: will Saudi become something new and fresh and independent and start rejecting dubya’s studpidity, or will it still be the biggest thorn inside the moslem world: it has the holy Mecca in it, yet dubya’s lapdogs roaming around freely on its land.

Not to mention the Saud Dynasti has been drinking wines. Wine, an alcoholic beverage, is PROHIBITED for moslems.

Some say they have been secretly helping moslem worlds, and have been influencing Europe.

All I see are fat men ruling The Holy Land and have been allowing Greed roaming around Ka’bah.

The monarch’s decision in 1990 to invite American forces into Saudi Arabia after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait was heavily criticised within the country.

Many say it contributed to the rise of al-Qaeda whose leader, Osama Bin Laden, is a Saudi-born businessman.

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