It is better to apologize than not at all. Anwar Ibrahim, discarded former heir to malaysian’s governing power, won an apology from a police chief who beat him in 1998.

Now, this former man of former and would-be reformer of Malaysia is in a crippled opposition position. He is alone in his country, fighting overwhelming power of the monopolistice UMNO, who constanly refreshing their efforts to gain support from the citizen of Malaysia.

He was Mahathir Mohammad’s favourite pupil, until the overpowered Prime Minister ditched him because Anwar had different ways of thinking.

Anwar was accused of sodomizing his chaffeur, a very provocative lie, considering Anwar’s prominent religious stature.

He suffered in prison cell, got beaten, and then turned into a crippled man. He was released in 2004. Up to now, Malaysia’s oppositions backs him up.

Anwar is famous here in Indonesia, being a champion of reformation and martyr before the might of Malaysia’s despotism.

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