We have so many alternatives in life.

The one we have decided to pick up dictate what we are now, and the ones we will be making dictates what we are in the future.

Some call it Path of Life. Some dub it God’s Will.

I call it Construction of Our Live.

But we are not discussing about philosophy here…okay, it will be a little bit philosophical…but not as much as some other blogs out there who has their contents and comments full of philosphical thoughts.

I’m inspired to write this article after I saw some turbine blades on the TV. They were shown on a show called INNOV8 on MetroTV.

Some blades were submerged into water, made turn by the everpresent flow of water, turning some turbines, and in the end able to generate electricity continously (well, until the turbines break).

Neat idea. Generating energy without burning things or drowning a village first or radiating some workers.

On the same show, solar panels were shown. Yeah, we know solar panes were already around for some decades now, but they are still unable to be accepted by the masses. I don’t know, people said they are expensive, very inefficient, and somewhat not easy things to fix.

All I know is: you put solar panels in your roof, connected them into your electricity, and you got power.

And you know that we can generate electricity from hydrogen fuel cell, right? When used, the emission will be water. Water won’t suffocate you like Carbon Monoxyde will, and maybe it will make you more refreshed. It’s expensive, yes, but they are people who spent money so much on things that could kill themselves (well…like when they buy something only to burn it and poison everyone in the end). So why don’t we consumers save some money and make fuel cell a part of everyday’s life?

I said we are too lazy to walk away from the fossil fuels we are in.

Or when you thought about cospiracy a lot, think about this one: petroleum industry world is holding the vehicle makers by their necks, threatening them not to move to alternative source of energy quickly.

But we need to move to alternative forms of source of energy fast. Fossil based fuels have been consumed at quick rate, and their prices have been threatening the economy of all civilizations on earth. Not to mention that our atmosphere has been eaten up by the byproducts of those engines that consume the fuel.

And with all of that wars waged for the control of oil reserves, i.e Iraq and UNOCAL.

I know, fossil fuels have been so integrated into our cultures. But that’s just the reason we need to walk away from our dependancy to them: fossils fuels are not renewable sources of energy. Soon we will be at total lost when we cannot find anymore reserves. Not the mention the wealth degradation of some middle-eastern countries when their petroleum resources got dried up.

Worst case scenario: countries will go at war to gain control of the last reserves on Earth. Imagine if the last reserve is found under Mecca?

Anyway, in general, we really need to make that shift to alternative energy resources soon.

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