My Blog Ver.4.0 : Concept

Now that I know how most of’s system work, and have learned some of the CSS, I think I have a new concept on my head for the version 4 of my blog. It will not be a table separated into three columns again as it takes to long to be loaded up.

I think with my knowledge of permalinks and blog-post dating tricks, I am able to make a somewhat “multi paged” blog, with links to posts of similar topics can be grouped into one blog entry. using the same trick, I can make sticky posts, something that I want the reader of my blog to read first thing when they read through my blog entries, something that will not be pushed downward by later entries. And with the similar trick, I can have art gallery and picture gallery, put in “blog entries”, and put links on top of my blog so that people can go to them right away.

All I need to think about now is how and where to put the advertisements. The chicklets will be arranged like what they have been today, but the crispsad ads and clicksor ads must be rearranged somehow. Not to mention clicksor’s search box.

Not to mention that I am currently waiting for the Ads by Yahoo!

Or should I kick all of the ads away for good and preserve them to more theme-specific blog like my own “Lair of The Hybrid Mecha”?

Needless to say, the greed in me refused to be kicked away and clings to me, forcing me to make money outside of office’s life.

I’m not a typical office man. I’m a lazy office man. I NEED TO UTILIZE MY REAL TALENTS TO MAKE MONEY!!


Okay, back to blog-template designing. See you in version 4 of my blog !!


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