Kurau Field Trip III – Day I

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usYesterday me and my friend arrived on the field to start a third field trip to Kurau. My current duty is to check some chemicals used in various processing plants in the field, namely Pedas Plant, Kurau Plant, and Lalang Process Plant.

What we will do is conducting some bottle tests of emulsion breaker and reverse emulsion breaker.

For the emulsion breker, we will collect samples of produced fluids from wells, mix them up, and then added some very diminutive amount (in microliters) of emulsion breakers and shake em up slowly till water and oil got separated (hopefully) nicely into two phase: oil and water phase. After the separation, we will pick up samples from various depth of the oil phase to determine wheter the oil phase still has some emulsion or water in it.

And for the reverse emulsion breakers, we will collect samples from a plant’s separator unit, put it into a mini gas floatation unit, and mix it with a very diminutive amount of reverse emulsion breakers, and mix them with a rotator for an amount of time to see whether any amount of oil left in the water got kicked out nicely.

Yesterday I met with persons involved in this duty for guidance, permission, and just to let them know we are here. Hopefully these persons will be able to fully help me to make to commencing of my duty smooth and without any significant hurdles.

I hope this duty ends in a week. If my trend of days in the field, 14 days, continue, I will have to skip the camping I have been in charge with. That will be a very big lost for me.

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